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GM Starter Pack 2 Monster Token Set

GM Starter Pack 2 Monster Token Set

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The must have starter pack for the aspiring GM. Similar to the GM Starter Pack 1, This bundle provides and expanded library of tokens to utilize in your games! This bundle includes a total of 48 tokens of varying size. See the list of tokens and sizes below:

1 Inch
5x Hobgoblin
5x Bugbear
5x Banshee
5x Death Knight
5x Bullywug
5x Basilisk
5x Changer Demon
5x Shadow Beast

2 Inch
1x Young Black Dragon
1x Aboleth
1x Earth Elemental
1x Giant Ant
1x Centaur

3 Inch
1x Adult Metalic Dragon (Random)
1x Demi God

4 Inch
1x Ancient Blue Dragon

All tokens have a paper on the back of the acrylic to help protect them during shipping. This can be peeled off using the provided logo token (see insert for instructions).

Tokens are sized appropriately to be dropped into your game that runs a standard 1" - 5ft grid (or hex).

Disclaimer: only the tokens are included in this sale. nothing used as "scenery" in the background is included.

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